Timeshare Use Agreement

AGREEMENT dated this DATE between MyVacationRequest.com (a subsidiary of SNL Properties, LLC, PO Box 1077, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804) and the Resort Guest signed below.

1. Resort Guest Renting Unit(Applicant must be 21 years of age or older):




Email address:_________________________________________________________________

Contact Phone#: (_______)-_______-____________ Fax#:(________)-_______-____________

2. Unit Subject to Agreement:

Resort Name________________________________________________________________________

Resort Address:____________________________________________________________

Unit Designation (building, unit #, etc.)___________________________________________

Number of Bedrooms:________ Number of Bathrooms:______ Maximum Occupancy:_______

3. Term of Use:

1. Starts at _________ p.m. on (day of wk) ________________(date)_______________, 201_

2. Ends at __________a.m. on (day of wk) ________________(date)________________, 201_

4. Fee for Term:

Fee per day/week (circle one) : $________________ per ________________

Total Fee for stay: $__________________

Amount Paid to SNL Properties, LLC at time of signing: $ _________________

Balance of $__________________ to be paid by ______________________, 201_

6. The Guest agrees to pay the fee set forth in paragraph 4 by the date stated in that paragraph. If the fee is not received by SNL Properties, LLC on or before the date specified, the Guest is considered in default and this Agreement shall terminate.

7. It is guests responsibility to verify any questions about unit or terms with SNL Properties, LLC or the Resort itself.

8. Each resort offers different amenities for additional cost, such as, boat rentals, golfing, etc. that are not included in this agreement. Some resorts may require a fee to be held with a credit card as a security deposit toward guest use of their amenities. Therefore, guests are totally responsible for any housekeeping services for which there may be an additional charge, phone calls and other incurred costs at the resort as well as any other travel related costs.

9. Guest may use the unit in accordance with the rules and regulations of the resort in which the unit is located. No pets are allowed unless permitted by the resort. No smoking is allowed in the unit unless permitted by the resort.

10. Guest understands that resort age requirement is at least 21 years of age and if he/she misrepresents his/her age in this agreement it will result in forfeit of full payment as well as forfeit of use of resort unit.

11. The Guest agrees to maintain the unit in the same condition as it is at the start of the term except for ordinary wear and tear. The Guest will pay for all repairs, replacements and damages caused by the act of neglect of the Guest, the Guest’s household members or guests. If requested at time of registration, guest will sign a credit card charge slip to secure payment for any such repairs, replacements or damages.

12. SNL Properties, LLC will pay maintenance fees and all utility charges for the unit.

13. Unless specified in this agreement, a particular unit assignment can not be guaranteed and may be changed by the resort to a unit of the same size. MyVacationRequest.com (a subsidiary of SNL Properties, LLC) is not responsible for any inconvenience or interruption of services due to repairs, improvements or any other reason beyond their control.

14. Immediately upon receipt of this signed Rental Agreement, SNL Properties, LLC will notify the resort management that guest will be occupying the unit during the stated term. A copy of the GUEST RESERVATION CONFIRMATIONfrom the resort will be emailed or faxed to the guest within 48 hours after SNL Properties receives this signed Rental Agreement as well as an invoice via Paypal. Guest must make full payment via Paypal immediately upon receiving Guest Confirmation.

15.IMPORTANT:It is the responsibility of the guest to take a copy of theirGUEST RESERVATION CONFIRMATION to the resorton the day of their check in. Failure to present the resort confirmation may result in the resort disallowing their check -in. Guest is required to show photo I.D. upon check in.

16. This agreement may not be assigned by either party, without the other parties prior written consent.

17. All notices may be sent to the addresses and fax numbers set forth in paragraphs 1 of this Agreement.

The parties have signed their names below on this ___________ day of ____________, 201__, to evidence their agreement to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Guest(s):

Guest: ________________________________________ SNL Properties,LLC:___________________________

Copies of this completed form to:

SNL Properties, LLC

PO Box 1077

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804

phone: 989-621-6458

Email: mvr@power-net.net or Fax: 231-333-0098

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